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Board and Train 

While here for Board and Train your dog will learn traditional commands such as heel, down, sit, stay, down- stay and come when called. I firmly believe that all of these commands must be solidly understood by your dog through proper teaching methods before the introduction of distractions from the real world.  Once your dog has learned the commands, obeying them    is accomplished through sound management, socialization and repetition. Traditional command training (i.e.: sit, stay, down and come) will help you, the owner, communicate easily with your dog when it comes time for your dog to return home.  Once home you will be able to communicate with them in a manner the truly understand. All packages include a training session at your home to ensure a smooth transition from our place to yours.

First Step to Training a Better dog is Proper Socialization:

Proper socialization training is essential to your dog becoming a calm, confident  and self controlling animal.  While here your dog will interact with well mannered and well socialized dogs under  the strict supervison of a strong, fair and highly communicative human pack leader. Controlled socialization  is essential to the rehabilitation of dog aggressive dogs as well as fear reactive, under socialized dogs.  Proper socialization training  also teaches your dog  what is appropriate behavior in the human society. Social training addresses the issues of nipping, jumping, excessive exuberance and an overall general lack of self control that is not accepted in the canine social group and should not be tolerated in the human world. A dog cannot be properly trained in obedience until it is properly balanced through socialization.

Basic 2 Week Plan






     Basic Manners-nipping, jumping, biting, wildness, charging out doorways, excessive barking

     General lack of self control and lack of training

     Most on leash training with a goal of working towards more off leash freedom

     Doggie socialization and proper management



Call for rates...........516-639-1474

*minimum 2 week stay

Anti Social~Aggressive~Special Needs Dogs

 I specialize in working with aggression and anti social behavioral problems in dogs, which need to go through intense rehabilitation. Dogs with aggression and or dominance issues need to be worked with intensely while here. If your dogs displays  any of the following behaviors it must be enrolled in this program

     Dogs that believe they can control humans and other dogs through intimidation

     Dogs that have learned they can bite people

     Dogs that are aggressive with other dogs and animals

     Dogs that exhibit severe fear issues which include fear aggression

Training includes all the basic obedience training plus exceptional reprogramming/rehabilitation/ socialization in the presence of distractions that would normally trigger the dogs anti-social behavior.



Call for rates...........516-639-1474

*minimum stay 3 weeks

Reserving a Board and Train

1. Contact us via email or telephone at



(516) 639-1474

2. A non refundable $100 deposit is required to hold your Board n Train spot. It will be applied to your 50% payment due upon initial drop-off.  Please contact us to discuss payment of your deposit. Your Board n Train spot will not be confirmed until your deposit is received.

Board and Train Requirements

1.  Commitment to follow up visit at owners house included in the per week fees

2.  Proof of dogs current up to date vaccination records

3. All dogs must be neutered/spayed  in order to stay at our place.

4. Dog should be free of internal and external parasites. Infested dogs will receive treatment at the owners expense.

5.  Owners will provide food for the duration of dogs stay as well as a few extra days worth of supply. If you do not provide enough food for the scheduled time your dog will be staying with us a fee of  $5 a day will be added to your  bill. We feed only the best quality dog food (HALO)  which is unfortunately very expensive.

6. You may bring treats and washable, replaceable toys as well as your dogs bedding. There is no need to bring bowls but feel free to do so if so inclined. 

7.  50% of the training fee is due at time of drop off and the remainder is due in full at time of pick up. Your $100 deposit will be applied towards your training fee, unless you fail to show for your scheduled drop off.

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