Basic Obedience training

the Board and Train program is not for housebreaking or severe behavioral problems

Canine Good Citizen by the American Kennel Club


Now that you have worked so hard training your dog with us at Lead the Pack, show off by taking the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen test! Take a look at what it takes to be a canine good citizen and put your training to the test! 


1.  Accepting a friendly stranger.

2.  Sitting politely for petting.

3.  Allowing basic grooming procedures.

4.  Walking on a loose lead.

5.  Walking through a crowd.

6.  Sitting and lying down on command and staying in place.

7.  Coming when called.

8.  Reacting appropriately to another dog.

9.  Reacting appropriately to distractions.

10. Calmly enduring supervised separation from the owner.


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